Furious George in Acadia National Park

Since I haven't had any luck finding a boxing match in the city, my promoters decided that maybe I should try looking around in the Great Outdoors. That sounded like a good idea until I realized that meant spending the whole day outside. Yeech! Who wants to do that? Anyway, we ended up in Acadia National Park, which is in Maine. I didn't used to think anything lived up here except mooses, or meese, or whatever you call those things.

One of my promoters, Angie, showed me the Atlantic Ocean. She said fisherman spend all day out there trying to catch lobsters, which have big, nasty claws. I guess fishermen are really tough, because they work all day in the cold, and they fight with lobsters. I thought maybe I could get a boxing match with one of those guys. I don't have claws, but I punch pretty hard.

Angie told me that the fishermen would be too busy to fight me for awhile, so I should try to get a work-out in instead. I decided to try some rock climbing. It's harder than it looks, especially when you can't grab anything because you're wearing boxing gloves.

Here I am at some famous lighthouse. I don't know what lighthouses are for, but I do know that the guy that lives in there won't let you have any of his beer. Not even if you threaten to punch him.

Here I am eating a lobster. They're not as big as I thought, but they do have some mean looking claws. They have a tough skin too. I tried punching them apart to get the meat out, but the waiter yelled that I was making a mess, then he made use these nutcracker things. I thought that was kind of wimpy, but I didn't want him to take away my wine, so I did what he said. Yummy!

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