Furious George in Calgary

My promoters took me up to Calgary to find a fight. They told me it is really cold up there in March, so everyone is really tough. Boy it sure was cold, too! This poor lady was frozen like a statue. When she wasn't looking, I crawled up on her plate and ate her muffin. It was frozen solid. I had to rest while I tried to digest it.

We couldn't find anyone who wanted to box me. I was feeling a little depressed, so I made Tyler and Angie take me out for a few beers at Brewsters in the Eau Claire Market. They tried to stop me from drinking too much. They think a little monkey like me can't handle a lot of booze.

My promoters were right. A little monkey like me can't handle a lot of booze.

To make up for not finding me a fight, my promoters took me to a hockey game at the Saddle Dome. It would have been a lot more fun if I hadn't been hung over. I still can't understand why those guys take their gloves OFF to fight, though.

I thought maybe I'd have better luck finding a fight if I learned how to play hockey. Those hockey players get into fights all the time. I went to Olympic Plaza to try out my skills. I don't like that ice, though. It's really cold. And slippery, too. Plus, when you get mad and punch it, it just hurts your hand. Especially if you keep throwing off your gloves like those hockey guys.

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