Furious George in Couer d'Laine

My promoters went to Couer d'Laine with some friends of theirs who live in Spokane. I insisted on going along, even though I knew I would never find anyone good enough to fight there—I mean, come on, it was Idaho. We went to a really good brewpub, though, where they had beer glasses that were just my size.

Before we got to the brewpub, we stopped at this wine place. Wine is okay, but I think we should have skipped right to the beer. But I'm not all hoity-toity like my promoters, Tyler and Angie.

This is the press thingy they use to make wine. I tried to figure out how they smashed the alcohol into the grapes, but I think this one was broken or something. I didn't see any alcohol anywhere.

Well, okay, I found some alcohol, it just wasn't at that wine place.

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