Furious George in Death Valley

This is one of my promoters, Angie. She thought I might be able to find a tough opponent in Death Valley. She told me that everyone who lives out there is really tough, because it's the desert and very hot. But it's not very hot in February. I guess all the good boxers go somewhere else to train in the winter.

This is Angie with Tyler, my other promoter. Look at the piece of junk they rented to drive me around Death Valley! I guess they do work on commission. If they don't find me a good bout soon, they'll never be able to afford a real convertible.

Not only did my promoters not find me a boxer to face, they lost my luggage too. I didn't even have that much stuff. They lost my favorite banana AND my Mike Tyson autograph. I was so mad I wanted to punch someone. So I did.

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