Send an email to me, Furious George. I don't promise to write back—it's hard to type with boxing gloves—but you never know when I might!

Hi, I'm a boxer looking for a fight. My promoters, Tyler and Angie, have been taking me all over the place to find me a title bout, but so far I haven't found an opponent. I have been to some cool places, though. You can check them out in my scrapbook!

Nome (March 2003)
***New 3/3/2005!***
Montreal (December 2002)
Boston (December 2002)
Couer d'Laine (November 2002)
Bali (October 2002)
Kuala Lumpur (October 2002)
Mount Rainier (September 2002)
Seattle (September 2002)
Grand Coulee Dam (July 2002)
Washington D.C. (May 2002)
Acadia Nat'l Park (May 2002)
Peoria (April 2002)
Vancouver (April 2002)
New Orleans (March 2002)
Calgary (March 2002)
Death Valley (February 2002)
Las Vegas (February 2002)