Furious George in Montreal

My promoters took me to Montreal just after Christmas. I didn't think I would have much luck finding a fight in a place where they speak French, but those Montreal people must be kind of tough if they can take the cold all the time.

My promoters thought it would be a good idea for me to run up and down these stairs in Mount Royal Park to get in shape, like Rocky, the guy from that Rocky movie. They keep forgetting that I have natural talent, so I don't need to exercise. I made those lazy bums carry me.

The view from the top was pretty cool, so I'm glad I went. It's too bad that even from up there I couldn't see anyone who wanted to fight me. They didn't serve beer up there, either.

I didn't know they made that Biodome movie in Montreal. No wonder it was so bad. I went inside to fight that Weasel guy, but he wasn't in there. It was just a bunch of plants and penguins and stuff. I guess they must have kicked him out, or something.

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