Furious George at Mount Rainier

My promoters, Tyler and Angie, decided to take me with them to Mount Rainier. I heard that mountain climbers are really tough, and I thought one of them might want to fight me. Well, Tyler and Angie had a different idea; they wanted me to carry this heavy pack to help me get in shape. I'm a naturally gifted athlete, though, so I don't need to get in shape. I don't know why they can't remember that.

My promoters didn't want to go all the way to the top of the mountain—I guess they're not tough like those mountain climbing guys. They only wanted to go as far as this lookout on Mount Freemont.

I guess the view of Mount Rainier is really nice from the lookout. I sure think it would have been nicer if we'd packed in some beer. Hiking is thirsty work!

I must have gotten altitude poisoning or something, because it got really hard to walk, and Tyler had to carry me back to the bottom. It sure was embarrassing—I mean, look at the way he's dressed! He said he was wearing clothes to go trail running. With those clothes, he would need to run—to get away from people who wanted to beat him up.

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