Furious George in New Orleans

Since we weren't having any luck finding opponents in the French Quarter, we headed out to the Garden District. It was Sunday, though, so most everything was closed. I couldn't even get into a schoolyard fight, even though I would have had no problem sneaking through the gate.

We decided to have some brunch at the Columns Hotel. They were serving champagne with the food. For free! I could barely contain myself. I love New Orleans!

Later, we went to this park by the Mississippi River. I tried to pick a fight with these guys, but they wouldn't stop talking to each other. They completely ignored me. How rude!

We went to the Aquarium of the Americas and I tried to start a fight with this spaceman-looking guy. He had on this tough suit, though, and I couldn't punch it hard enough to break it. Then he grabbed me with this big claw and wouldn't let go. He made me promise to stop picking fights before he let me go--and this was my last day in New Orleans! I guess I'll have to find a boxing match somewhere else.


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