Furious George in Nome

Tyler and Angie, my promoters, decided to take me to Nome, Alaska. We went in March because only really tough people stick around there in the winter. If I wanted to fight someone tough, Nome was the place to go.

We went to this National Forest place. I don't know how trees can grow when it's negative twenty, but I saw them, so they must be able to do it somehow. I thought maybe I could find a camper or something, you know, someone to fight, but nobody was around.

We found these things you stick your head in to take a funny picture, just like you see sometimes at the beach. Tyler said we were at a beach, but he must be stupid, because I didn't see any water, just snow and ice and stuff.

Well, I didn't find anyone who wanted to fight me. I need to have a boxing match soon so I can make some money to buy some clothes. I got a little chilly walking around Nome in my shorts, but they were all I had to wear. I had to borrow these clothes to warm myself up a little.

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