Furious George in Peoria

My promoters decided to take me down to Peoria for the weekend. They said that since the Mariners do their spring training down there, maybe I can get motivated to do some training myself. My boxing is fine, what I need to train for are all of these airplane flights I keep going on. I don't like them very much. The plane bounces up and down and makes it feel like someone is punching me in the stomach, only no one is there. Also, the ground is really, really far away.

Peoria is really hot and dry. They have cactuses there, like this one. Tyler, my promoter, says I should call them cacti, not cactuses. That's dumb, just like he is.

Just when I thought Peoria was nothing but desert, I found this lake right in the middle of all these houses. My trainers told me I should get some training in by going for a row in this boat. Those dummies forgot to get me oars, though.

While I was looking for some oars, I found this bottle of vodka. I've never had vodka before, unless maybe they put it in those hurricanes I had in New Orleans. I liked it. It doesn't taste very good, but it makes me feel dizzy.

I think something may have been wrong with that vodka. It made me sick to my stomach. Maybe it went bad, or something.

I was still feeling bad when it was time to leave. Luckily, I had enough things to worry about that I wasn't bothered by all the flying.

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