Furious George in Seattle

In case you didn't know it, Seattle is my hometown. Sure, I was born in Las Vegas, but now I live here. It's not so bad. It doesn't rain all the time. Here I am enjoying a beer at Salty's on Alki. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy beer anywhere, but it tastes especially good when you're close to home.

My promoter Tyler insisted we had to leave before I finished my last brew. Sure, we had a football game to get to, but that's no reason to rush a beer. I let him know I was't happy about it.

We made it to the Seahawk's game with plenty of time to spare--I should have punched Tyler harder. Our seats were up in the Hawk's Nest. The seats were hard bleachers, but I came prepared. Check out my sweet cushion! We weren't that far from the field, so I don't know why my promoter Angie was squinting so much. Maybe she was trying to see a play-off spot for the Seahawks. Ha ha!

The stadium the Seahawks play in is pretty nice, even if the team that plays there is turning out to be pretty lousy. Look, you can even see Safeco Field.

This is the view from the north end of the stadium. Seattle sure is a pretty city. There's lots of good beers here too. Too bad no one around here wants to box me. One of these days I'll find an opponent. I hope.

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