Furious George in Vancouver

I haven't been having much luck finding anyone interested in boxing me, so I decided to take a little time off and go on vacation. I went up to Vancouver to watch a hockey game. I found I really like hockey after my trip to Calgary. Here I am just over the border. Look, I'm in downtown Canada!

I forget, sometimes, that Canada is a different country. They have funny looking money that you can only use in Canada. I didn't have any of their money, just some good ole American Greenbacks. I had to stop at this little booth and change it. Canadian money has lots of pretty colors.

I was really nervous about getting over the border, so I left early. I was afraid I might have to punch out some border guards to get in the country. But they seemed to like me, so they let me through without any hassle. Since I was there so early, I decided to head over to Mahoney's on Robson street for a few beers. Nothing makes a hockey game better than a few beers.

Here I am at the game. I had a few more beers while I was there. Boy that game goes fast when you have a buzz. My trainer thinks I should stop drinking because it might make my liver soft. What a dork. You don't punch people with your liver. Anyway, the Canucks won, which is good, but there were hardly any fights, which is bad. Maybe next time I'LL start a fight.

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